New DS rumoured for late 2010 release

Reports suggest backward compatible successor will use nVidia Tegra chip processor

Nintendo is to release a DSi successor in late 2010, according to reports which also suggest nVidia is to supply the new handheld's processing chip.

According to sources speaking to BSN, Nintendo has struck a deal with nVidia to supply the chip for its DSi successor, currently in development.

While the exact processor being used hasn't been revealed, it's thought Nintendo might opt for the single chip Tegra in contrast to the DSi's dual ARM processors. Tegra debuts in February 2010, and a second generation could be available in time for the DSi successor.

Given the fact the DS hardware is based on 16-bit and 32-bit ARM, it seems likely the next generation DS running on a CorTex-A9-based Tegra would be backwardly compatible with the DS application library, added the report.

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