Eve Online will last "forever," says CCP economist

Players may evolve but MMO will remain true to its initial design, says Gudmondsson

Space trading MMO Eve Online is robust enough that it can run "forever," according to CCP's chief economist Dr Eyjol Gudmondsson.

Speaking in an exclusive interview published today, the former dean of business and science at the University of Iceland, said the game will survive due to the constant evolution of its 300,000 players.

But as much as players change, Gudmondsson said he doesn't expect the basic design and idea behind the game to shift, not even ten years from now.

"I don't think the actual ideas will change. The basic idea is that everybody is in the same world, it's a dynamic place, and a competitive place," he commented.

"Those are the three basic design rules. I don't seem them changing, because they create a dynamic, vibrant community, and as long as we keep upgrading in terms of people seeing more beautiful things, having new ships to access and so on."

"As long as the game is dynamic, it's interesting, and it will continue by itself," he added.

The full interview with Gudmondsson can be read here.

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