Microsoft suspends sales to Russia

Xbox maker halting all new products and services in protest of the "unjustified, unprovoked and unlawful invasion by Russia"

Microsoft today announced that it is suspending all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia in protest of the country's invasion of Ukraine.

The company is also working with governments of the European Union, United States, and United Kingdom to comply with sanctions by halting "many aspects" of its operations within Russia.

The moves were announced in a post on the company's blog by Microsoft president and vice-chair Brad Smith.

"We believe we are most effective in aiding Ukraine when we take concrete steps in coordination with the decisions being made by these governments and we will take additional steps as this situation continues to evolve," Smith said.

He further emphasized that Microsoft is working to protect Ukraine from Russian cyberattacks against Ukrainian government, tech, banking, and broadcasting organizations. The company believes cyberattacks against civilian targets are in violation of the Geneva Convention.

"Like so many others, we stand with Ukraine in calling for the restoration of peace, respect for Ukraine's sovereignty and the protection of its people," Smith said.

A number of gaming companies have taken such measures since the Ukrainian deputy prime minister yesterday called on them to block users in Russia and Belarus.

CD Projekt has halted sales of its games and all games on its GOG storefront to Russia and Belarus. Bloober Team has stopped selling its games in the countries as well, and ESL has banned esports organizations with ties to the Russian government.

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