Nintendo Switch OLED UK launch significantly bigger than Switch Lite

14th biggest week for Switch sales to-date

Nintendo Switch OLED has got off to a strong start in the UK, according to data from GfK Entertainment.

Last week was the 14th biggest week for Switch console sales in the UK since the machine launched in 2017. All 13 higher positions are during the peak Christmas and Black Friday sales periods, or the launch week of the Switch itself (which is the fourth biggest week overall).

It comfortably outperformed the launch week of the Nintendo Switch Lite in 2019, which ranks as the 57th biggest week for Switch.

The Switch Lite was a slow-burner for Nintendo. The Lite version currently represents around 20% of total Switch sales since it launched in the UK.

The OLED version of the Switch accounted for 70% of all Switch sales last week. And after just one week the new edition accounts for 7% of all Switch UK sales during 2021.

The biggest week for Switch in the UK was during Black Friday 2019, followed by Black Friday 2018 and then Black Friday 2020.

Switch OLED launched alongside the new Metroid Dread game, which is the highest-grossing launch for a Metroid game in UK chart history.

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