Sections Palestinian Aid bundle raises over $900,000

Over 97,000 people contributed to the week-long fundraiser

The indie bundle for Palestinian Aid closed on June 12, raising over $900,000 in total.

The bundle was put together by Toadhouse Games founder Alanna Linayre and contains over 1200 digital games, tools, comics and more, all donated by independent developers.

After hitting its initial target of $500,000 just two days into the week-long fundraiser, the bundle target was extended, before closing on a grand total of $902,365,51 raised by 97,163 contributors.

All of the proceeds are being donated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, providing food assistance and emergency health protections for Palestinians during ongoing conflict.

For more information on the Israel-Palestine conflict and ways to help, has compiled a list of initiatives here.

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