Super Nintendo World park opening reportedly delayed due to COVID-19

Universal Studios Japan reopened just over a week ago with special safety restrictions

Universal Studios Japan's Super Nintendo World park has reportedly had its summer opening delayed due to COVID-19.

As reported by Bloomberg, sources familiar with the matter shared that construction of the park was nearly finished and that it was still planned to open in 2020.

A formal announcement of the delay is said to be planned for as early as this week, though it is still up in the air as to whether or not it will include a new timeline for the opening.

Universal Studios' Osaka-based theme park already re-opened as a whole on June 19, though with limitations on guests and special procedures related to masks and hand sanitization in place to help protect visitors.

Super Nintendo World is planned to focus on "physical, interactive experiences" and was described by Universal in January as a "life-size, living video game" -- a description which may help explain the extra caution around COVID-19.

Other Universal Studios parks in Singapore and the US also have Super Nintendo World areas planned for an undisclosed future date.

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