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Safe in Our World launches Level Up Mental Health campaign

Games companies unite to commit to supporting better mental health practices

Games industry mental health charity Safe in Our World has unveiled a new initiative to unite industry companies on committing to better mental health practices.

The Level Up Mental Health global campaign brings together a number of industry partners, asking them to commit to rolling out mental health policies in the next year, partnering with Safe in Our World to support good mental health within the wider industry, and using positive mental health messaging on social channels and in the workplace.

Companies on board include Embracer Group, and founding partner Network N -- which runs sites including PCGamesN.

Other partners include 505 Games, Auroch Digital, Caged Element, Camel 101, Curve Digital, Explosive Alan, Fanatical, Genba Digital, Heaven Media, Honest PR, Koeken Interactive, LKA, Mediatonic, NeoHype, NextGen Skills Academy, One PR Studio, OPM Jobs, Outright Games, Polystream, PressEngine, Rethink Mental Health, Renaissance PR, Ripstone games, Seven Squared, Sheridans, Sold Out, Take This, UberStrategist, UKIE and Wired Productions.

"We're beyond proud to see so much support for our cause from the industry, but now it's time to turn that support into action," said Safe in Our World chairman Leo Zullo.

"The #LevelUpMentalHealth campaign will form a major part of our activities now and in the future."

For the record: This article was amended after publication to correctly include both Embracer Group and Network N as partners.

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Latest comments (3)

Phil Jones Global Account Manager, PCGamesNA year ago
I'm disappointed that you haven't mentioned Network N as a founding partner. We've worked really hard to introduce a mental health wellbeing framework across the business, and we are proud to be partnering Safe In Our World with the Level Up initiative.
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Rebekah Valentine News Reporter, IGN EntertainmentA year ago
@Phil Jones: Hey Phil, this was absolutely an oversight on my part. I had intended to include Network N's participation when I read it in the release and I must have completely blanked somewhere between writing the bulk of the story and including the list of other partners. I'll get it edited to include them -- it was not at all intentional and I'm so sorry.
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James Batchelor UK Editor, GamesIndustry.bizA year ago
@Phil Jones: Hi Phil, please accept my apologies -- this was my fault. I received a message shortly before the article went live with a final list of partners, so I replaced the original list Rebekah had written (which I believe did include Network N). Since I was told it was the final list, I did not think anyone had been left out. It was absolutely not my intention to exclude anyone -- the work both you and Safe In Our World is doing is great, and absolutely needs to be highlighted. Again, please accept my apologies for the error.
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