Nintendo Switch sold estimated 50k units in China on launch day

Niko Partners: Console on track to reach 100k units in the country by the end of 2019

Following its launch in China yesterday, Nintendo has sold an estimated 50,000 units of the Switch in the country.

This estimate comes from Niko Partners, with a breakdown estimating more than 20,000 units sold on and 10,000 units through TMall.

Niko estimates the console is currently on track to reach 100,000 units sold in China by the end of 2019.

Currently, the only game available for the Nintendo Switch in China is New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, with a demo version coming pre-installed on the system and a full version available on the eShop. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, and other titles are planned for release in the coming weeks.

At least 18 third-party titles (including Just Dance, Hollow Knight, Mario + Rabbids, Octopath Traveler, Tools Up, Mario & Sonic at the Toyko 2020 Olympic Games, Daemon X Machina and a new Rabbids Party game) are planned for localization eventually, and Bandai Namco, Sega, Konami, Square Enix, Level-5 and Next Games all have additional games in the works.

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Dariusz G. Jagielski Game Developer 2 years ago
Both the launch day and estimate sales are TERRIBLE! 50k/100k... in a 1.3 billion nation.
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Dariusz G. Jagielski Game Developer 2 years ago
To add some context to this, it would be like Nintendo releasing the Switch in Tokelau (a region of New Zeland with population of 1400 people and nobody buying it (well, about 0,053844 of a person would buy it, but I think we all can agree that a fraction of a person can't exist in real life).
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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 2 years ago
The gotta have it crowd will always be there. Most people just don’t realize how much more important week 4 is than week one, though certainly week one informs week 4

We’re i them, and I had no obligation to internal policy, Nintendo’s rules and such, I would have integrated switch into a preexisting android tablet and had the ability to switch modes. Yes, we al know the “other OS” history from PS3, but if your goal is to hit that base, that’s a good first step
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Keldon Alleyne Strategic Keyboard Basher, Avasopht Development2 years ago
Not sure this differs much from the PS4 and XBox One reception in China.

Although China has a population of 1.3 billion, I don't think the income levels are high enough for most to justify forking out for a games console.
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