Battlefield V pushed back from Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption release window

Update: EA stock drops as DICE delays until November to make "final adjustments to the core gameplay"

Developer DICE has announced it will delay the release of Battlefield V by a month in order to make "final adjustments to the core gameplay".

Previously slated for release on October 19, the next entry into the chart-topping franchise has been pushed back to November 20.

Having run some closed Alpha tests recently, DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson said the feedback has "spurred us to make some meaningful improvements to the core gameplay experience, including adjusting the gameplay tempo".

While delayed games are hardly uncommon, a postponement in the clockwork-like regularity of the Battlefield franchise could be interpreted differently.

The previous release date had it scheduled to arrive a week after Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and a week ahead of Red Dead Redemption 2, a window multiple studios have moved their games from in recent months.

Additionally, with pre-orders reportedly flagging, a decision to move Battlefield V to a less competitive slot wouldn't be an unreasonable move by EA.

UPDATE: Electronic Arts has also adjusted its financial forecasts, reducing expectations for net bookings in the current fiscal year from $5.55 billion to $5.2 billion.

In the wake of Battlefield V's delay, EA's shares have dropped over 9% as of early afternoon in the US.

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Rockstar (Take-Two) is going to rule them all!
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing A year ago
The game deserves a marketing campaign other than attacking people and issuing them ultimatums.

One would think that with Black Ops having neither campaign nor raytracing, Battlefield was able to pull ahead in public perception. But all the good stuff is drowned out by the type of PR turf war that already damaged Star Wars at the box office.
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Pete Thompson Editor A year ago
I would have said that CoDís sales would be flagging due to the lack of campiagn! I only play Call of Duty games for the campaign. So Battlefield And RDR2 amongst others will take up my Call of Duty time this year!
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