No Man's Sky Next reaches over 50,000 concurrent players

Hello Games' space exploration game sees resurgence after a 200k+ concurrent user peak at launch

No Man's Sky has come a long way from its relatively barebones launch, and its audience seems to be responding. With the drop of a massive update in No Man's Sky Next, the game is currently seeing over 50,000 concurrent players on Steam alone (saying nothing of its Xbox One launch or PS4 update).

SteamCharts shows that while this is still a ways off from the game's launch peak of 200,000 concurrent users, it's quite the jump from just about anything else the game has done since. One month after launch, the game wasn't even reaching 10,000 concurrent users, and the numbers only grew smaller in the following months. A slight jump occurred in August of 2017 when the Atlus Rises update dropped, but the game still didn't quite graze 20,000 users then.

Now, the numbers are steadily climbing--concurrent users was at 40,000 yesterday afternoon and after a dip overnight, is growing once again.

No Man's Sky Next represents an awaited overhaul for an indie game that suffered at its 2016 launch for a multitude of reasons, generally coalescing in audience frustration that the game did not deliver what had been promised during its multi-year marketing campaign. Though multiple smaller updates have attempted to address some of these issues, Next brings far larger features such as proper multiplayer, community events, improved base building, and character customization.

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