Google Play continues to widen global download gap with iOS

Android storefront saw over 20 billion app downloads in Q2, iOS downloads around 8 billion

Google Play remains ahead of the App Store in terms of downloads, and the gap is only growing wider. In Q2, Google Play surged ahead with over 20 billion total downloads compared to the App Store's approximately 8 billion.

App Annie analysis shows that downloads across both stores (totaling around 28.4 billion) saw a 15% increase year-over-year. Google Play's downloads were up 20% and represented a 160% gap compared to App Store numbers. India led download growth on both platforms, while Indonesia helped drive Google Play growth and the US, Russia, and Saudi Arabia led App Store growth.

Voodoo's Helix Jump was the top game in terms of global downloads across both iOS and Android during the quarter, followed by PUBG Mobile, then Love Balls. By consumer spending, Honour of Kings took the top spot, followed by Fate/Grand Order and Monster Strike. Pokemon GO also saw a surge in Q2, moving up two spots on the consumer spending rankings to 7th, just ahead of Clash of Clans.

Overall consumer spending remains higher in the App Store despite Google Play leading in downloads. App Store spending grew 20% year over year, aided by considerable growth in the UK. UK iOS spending was up 30% year over year to $300 million, compared to the country's $190 million Google Play spending. Global spending across both platforms totaled at $18.5 billion, up 20% year-over-year.

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Dariusz G. Jagielski Game Developer A year ago
This data is meaningless without the data on how much people have kept the app in question installed and kept actively using the app/game. It may be that most android users are downoading apps willy-nilly and uninstalling/stopping using them if they turn out to not be what they were looking for whereas iOS customers may know precisely what app they want to use before they enter the app store. We simply don't know.
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