Steam Creator Homepages enters beta

Feature allows developers and publishers to customize pages, users to follow favorite studios

Amid a rocky few weeks for Steam news, Valve just dropped a new feature that seems... fine, actually. Creator Homepages has just launched in open beta, allowing developers and publishers on Steam to customize their own pages for their games.

Creator Homepages can be set up by any developer or publisher on Steam, which can then be reached by users by clicking on the name of either from a game's store page. These pages will include a display of the developer or publisher's full portfolio of games on Steam, with upcoming releases, top sellers, and discounts listed as well as a sort feature by genre.

You can also visit the developer or publisher's official Twitch, Twitter, or YouTube channels from the page, or "Follow" the page for notifications of new releases.

Steam's collective home for all Creator Homepages currently lists all established pages, but Valve acknowledges that it "will quickly become an overwhelming and unusable list." At the top of the page, Steam suggests developer and publisher pagers you might be interested in based on games you own or have recently played. Already, studios such as 2K, Sega, Telltale Games, and far more have created pages. If you're logged out, Valve is conveniently the first page listed.

Valve acknowledged that some bugs may still be present on the homepages and that a few smaller features may still be in the works, hence the open beta. A date for the full, finished release has not yet been set, but all users can now follow Creator Homepages and creation is now open to all developers and publishers on Steam.

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