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PC Building Simulator sells 100,000 copies in a month

The Irregular Corporation's latest release had a strong opening month in Early Access

PC Building Simulator has sold 100,000 copies through Steam Early Access in four weeks.

The Irregular Corporation's breakout hit had already achieved viral success: a pre-alpha demo, created by the indie designer Claudiu Kiss, was downloaded 500,000 times.

The London-based publisher had reason to be optimistic about its launch on Early Access, then, but 100,000 sales in one month is a big number for a niche title.

"The overwhelming support we've had from the PC gaming and building community has been nothing short of phenomenal," the company said on Twitter. "We are extremely grateful to everyone who has provided feedback. This is the whole reason we wanted to launch into Early Access."

The game sells at £14.99 on the UK Steam storefront, and €19.99 in Europe. It is also available on other online storefronts, so a minimum of 100,000 sales represents a very healthy return.

You can read our interview with The Irregular Corporation's Stu Morton by following this link.

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