Sony to publish Nintendo Switch games with new label Unties

Indie publisher operated by Sony Music Entertainment, first title Tiny Metal releases in November

A Sony division is entering the multi-platform games publishing business, with titles lined up for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Unties is the new games publishing business operated by Sony Music Entertainment, and will focus on find unique and innovative titles "in order to penetrate the ever-expanding video game market with indie games."

The firm plans to use SME's "vast entertainment business wisdom" to help its indie games reach as broad an audience as possible, and will handle PR and sales for all titles across each of the platforms.

The first title signed is 3D turn-based strategy title Tiny Metal, which will launch for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC on November 21st.

Unties already has three more titles signed: action game Last Standard, robot battler Merkava Avalanche, and a VR remaster of 2013 rhythm action title Deemo. It is also on the look out for more developer partners.

So far Tiny Metal is the only confirmed Switch game, although both Last Standard and Merkava Avalanche are listed as "PC/TBA", suggesting more platforms could be added - perhaps even Xbox One.

It might seem odd that Sony has launched a games label without the PlayStation brand, but it's no doubt to enable the company to publish titles on other platforms without causing confusion. has reached out to Sony to find out more about plans for Unties.

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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing A year ago
SME may as well be an entirely seperate company. There is almost no interaction at all between them and PlayStation . They want to promote their stuff in the interactive world, and they want as many people as possible to buy it. Same reason Sony Pictures Movies and games based on them are on the Xbox Store same time as PlayStation.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser A year ago
I think companies just like Nintendo for their family friendly vibe. Back during last gen Microsoft created a first party franchise called Viva Pinata for the Xbox 360. They then went on to release a version for their competitor Nintendo with an Nintendo DS version. Granted they never had their own handheld system but they still released a first party game on a competitors system.

I suppose this all made it a bit easier when they decided to continue letting Minecraft appear on their competitors systems once they bought the franchise. Still, I doubt Tiny Metal or any of the other future release titles from Unties will ever appear on an Xbox system.
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