HTC turns to financing to boost VR uptake in Europe

It begins in the UK for 35 a month

HTC is in the process of rolling out a VR financing option across Europe.

It's the latest effort from the manufacturer to boost VR uptake, with the price of HTC Vive clearly one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the hardware. The headset and controllers currently cost $799 (759).

The 9.9% financing option kicks off in the UK, with consumers being asked to spend 34.84 over a two year period. By the end of the term, gamers will have spent 836.19 for the device.

HTC already offers finance options in China and the US. In China, the firm charges 0% interest, whereas in the US a 24-month plan has a finance rate of 7.99% (with 0% offers available for six and 12 month periods). VR headsets are also available from UK retailers that offer their own 'spread-the-cost' options, such as Littlewoods and Currys

Each Vive headset comes with a month's subscription to Viveport, and two additional 'experiences' and It will be rolled out to additional European countries 'soon'.

HTC has been proactive in trying to generate increased revenue from VR and get it into the hands of as many consumers as possible. Its Viveport concept, which sees arcade-like experiences appear in local cinemas and retailers, is another one of its endeavours.

Of course, this offer is only for the HTC Vive device itself, and doesn't include the cost of the PC hardware needed to run it.

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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 9 months ago
They've done the same thing here.

The issue is not payments. The issue is price overall.

They've hit the wall or people with requisitely powerful computers who are willing to spend $800 on VR.

Microsoft is going to have its own issues with selling $399 VR, they need to get the price to $199. Yes, that is almost certainly not possible right now. The biggest question for the future of this battle is whether Scorpio and Win 10 will support other headsets, and if so, Oculus is already riding shotgun, no matter how much the PC master race wants to believe it, PC VR isn't going to be anything close to mainstream until garbage laptops can drive it, and the total package isn't more than $5-600.
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