Steam currently handling 50,000 refund requests per day

Stats from marketplace's support page dealing with more calls for money back than all other queries combined

Valve's decision to offer refunds for titles that players are not satisfied with is still being embraced by consumers, as recent figures from its support team show.

At the time of writing, 49,119 refund requests have been submitted over the past 24 hours, with Valve's Steam support page claiming that all are dealt with between 1.35 hours and 1.53 days.

This figure is far above all other requests combined, currently at 16,535. Of these, the vast majority (12,366) are queries regarding account security and recovery, while the rest are filed under game and steam technical support (2,211) and purchase and billing support (1,776).

Refunds were introduced back in 2015, and enable players who have put less than two hours into a new purchase to get their money back - providing they apply within 14 days of buying the game. The move was initially met with concern from developers, but companies such as Slitherine have since reported they saw no adverse effect on their sales.

Last month, Microsoft began trialling a similar scheme for Xbox One and Windows 10 users through its Xbox Insider Program.

Steam's support page also reveals that over the past 90 days, general help requests have ranged between 60,000 and over 100,000 per day.

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Sean Kauppinen Founder & CEO, IDEA5 years ago
I would love to know how many sales they have per day since this sets a refunds at a rate of around 18.5 million per year.
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