Jagex shutting down Transformers Universe

Runescape developer to focus on owned IP going forward, will restructure around that goal

Last month, UK developer Jagex proposed downsizing its team as the free-to-play MMO Transformers Universe "reaches a new stage of development in its life cycle." That stage in the life cycle would be the last one, as today the company said it will shutter the game entirely.

The move was agreed upon with Transformers owner Hasbro, and both companies will move on to new things. Jagex said it is changing its development strategy going forward to focus on its own intellectual property, like the long-running RuneScape. Hasbro, on the other hand, "intends to pursue alternative digital gaming opportunities" for its robots-in-disguise franchise.

"If there are any staffing issues that arise out of this additional level of restructuring, then we will discuss them with the parties concerned first and foremost," a Jagex representative said. "As ever, we will make any possible outcomes public, but only at the appropriate time."

Transformers Universe has entered a maintenance period, and will shut down for good on January 31 next year.

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Tom Pickard Founder and Creative Director, Knifey Spoonie Games7 years ago
I think the writing was on the wall the second they downsized. A few of my friends we're effected in the lay-offs and what little they could tell me didn't sound good.

Such a shame for all the great people working there being laid off before Xmas(although it's never a good time of course), I hope they all find their feet quickly.

And for those starting Indie ventures with redundancy cash etc feel free to connect @TpickardDev, as an indie dev I'm always happy to discuss and share info where we can. We've had great help of Brighton based devs like futurlab since going indie :) and are happy paying it forward where we can.
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Spencer Franklin Concept Artist 7 years ago
Sad to hear for the folks working there. Though, this seemed inevitable when they changed the games design for a 3rd time in as many years... In any case, hope all affected land on their feet very quickly.
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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee7 years ago
Disappointed by the news. Jagex holds a special place in my heart and I wish the best for those facing redundancy, possibly including some I know :(
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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 7 years ago
I still can't figure out why they don't realize the real money is in a Gen 1 game with as much of the original voice cast as possible and a suite of new Stan Bush songs.
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Onwards and upwards, y'all.
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Youve gotta touch.cha cha chaa chaaan! you've gotta powweeeer! yeah!
Take us back to those Unicorn days! Its a winner :)
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