Jonathan Murphy leaves Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer brand manager departs after 16 years

Konami's Jonathan Murphy, the senior European brand manager and champion of the Pro Evolution Soccer series is departing after more than 16 years with the company.

He joined the company in 1998 from EMAP where he was a software editor.

Murphy follows Dave Cox, producer of the Castlevania Lords of Shadow series, who left the company after 17 years last month.

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Christopher Bowen Editor in Chief, Gaming Bus5 years ago
I look over my shoulder at FIFA, sitting in the corner, looking skeevy, and I have half a mind to grab onto his leg and scream "don't leave me with him DON'T LEAVE ME WITH HIM!!!!!"
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Steve Wetz Reviewer/Assistant Editor, Gamer's Glance5 years ago

Amen to that. The guy most directly responsible for making PES a major contender with FIFA (and making the superior game at that) is leaving... I hope he has been grooming his replacement!
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