GameStop to revamp trade-ins - report

The retailer will simplify the program and ultimately give more money back to customers

On August 18, GameStop is set to overhaul its trade-in program, simplifying the program and giving customers back more money, reports Kotaku. Essentially, now any game a person sells to GameStop will earn him or her a flat rate - the only variables being if a customer requests cash instead of credit or if the person is a member of GameStop's subscription program.

With the new program in place, GameStop will be raising the average base value for trade-ins by 20 percent, according to documents Kotaku obtained. So if a player used to get, for example, $10 back for a particular title, starting on August 18 that game would be worth $12. In the end, instead of a possible total of 10 different price points for a trade-in, there will be just four prices, making it a much flatter structure.

For GameStop, the goal is also to make it easier for its employees to work with the program and to ask customers about buying or selling instead of "trade-ins," a phrase that is expected to be phased out.

"By eliminating the higher end price of products we buy and raising the lower end, we are able to raise the overall value the customers will receive," reads an internal GameStop document. "With this program, we will not have complex multi-tiered trade promotions for the associates to remember and less math for the customer to understand what they are getting for their games."

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Jeffrey Ates Critic/Writer/Enthusiast 3 years ago
Considering the abysmal poll they had recently in whether their customers knew about trading in or not, making it easier for employees to inform customers and give them more concrete answers when asked things like "How much would I get for this?" while improving the customer experience for trading in to get a leg up on competitors sounds like a great idea from a business standpoint. If I get more value for my trade ins at Game stop than I do from CEX, I'd pretty much stick with them since the credit is just to get more games lol.
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Steve Wetz Reviewer/Assistant Editor, Gamer's Glance3 years ago
The trade-in values are still abysmal, even at a twenty percent mark-up. I'm not asking for price parity from a retail chain, but I have no interest in trading in a $60 I bought a week ago for $20 credit, only to watch you mark it with a $50 sticker and stick it back on the shelf.

This is one circumstance where informing the customer could backfire in a big way.
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Matthew Hardy Studying Multimedia/Game Design, ITT Technical Institute3 years ago
None of this really matters. GameStop has MAYBE 2 years of relevance left before the digital marketplace/Amazons of the world completely replace brick and mortar.
Also, services like Steam game sharing and all the Netflix like game subscription services will be further nails in Gamestops coffin. If you own GS stock - sell it now!
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 3 years ago
"By eliminating the higher end price of products we buy
I wonder if this means they will stop charging $70 for used copies of games like Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade Chronicles or if they will just no longer carry titles that are worth that much or more. Anyway, it's good to see them atleast try to give customers more money but honestly I think it's too little too late. I never trade in games to them because I know I can make atleast 70% more selling on ebay or craigs list.

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Barrie Tingle Live Producer, Maxis3 years ago
I think bricks and mortar retail will have its place, there will always be those people who aren't comfortable buying digital or online and instead want to go into a shop and pay over the odds for a used copy of a traded in game.

We can dream though... :)
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