China's mobile market to surpass US in size - Report

Superdata says Chinese mobile revenues will top $3 billion this year; US shows indications of saturation

The Chinese mobile gaming market is nearly as big as its US counterpart and growing at a much faster rate, according to a report released this week by research firm Superdata. The company believes that mobile gaming in China will bring in $3 billion in revenues this year, while the US market will total $3.2 billion.

While mobile spending is still growing in the US, Superdata said the market is "showing signs of saturation." It predicts US revenues will grow only about 7 percent in 2014, while China is expected to more than double its mobile revenue total from 2013.

"Developers in both markets will need to focus on researching effective monetization mechanics and their most lucrative audiences in order to conquer an increasingly competitive and ubiquitously free-to-play market," the firm said.

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