Sony: PS4 camera shortages down to Twitch

Shuhei Yoshida claims Sony underestimated popularity of livestreaming

Sony Computer Entertainment's Shuhei Yoshida has attributed supply shortages of the PlayStation 4 camera to the unexpected popularity of Twitch livestreaming.

At present, there are relatively few gameplay experiences that make use of the PS4's camera peripheral, and yet the device has sold around 900,000 units - an attach-rate of 15 per cent. According to Yoshida, president of PlayStation's worldwide studios, the resulting stock shortages were down to a, "total miscalculation by our marketing guys."

"They came up with the initial demand in that conventional way and it was very, very low," Yoshida told Polygon. "Using the camera to broadcast yourself is much, much more fun they they thought and they didn't quite get it."

Yoshida is referring to the integration of into the PlayStation 4, which has proved to be one of the console's most popular features. In December, Twitch revealed that 10 per cent of all broadcasts on the service originated from a PlayStation 4.

Twitch launched on Xbox One earlier this month.

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Nick Parker Consultant 3 years ago
Yes Andrew, it does work, a common business school theme. People see the value in the primary product and know they'll be adding to it or don't but just do later. We shop around for the best deal then buy add-ons - this could be part of the purchase decision or an after market decision. Think of the car market or even the bicycle market - buy a cheaper model and buy (literally) all the bells and whistles afterwards

When Xbox 360 was first launched, it had no built in wifi like the PS3 did - the wifi adapter cost, if I remember rightly, around 50, now its less than 25, but people bought the Xbox 360 which, when added to the wifi adaptor needed to play multiplayer games and experience the full gold XBL membership, started to edge towards the higher priced PS3.

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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 3 years ago
The Wifi adapter was never required, it had Ethernet from the start
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