EA Phenomic veterans form Envision Entertainment

Dirk Ringe takes CEO role at new German studio

A new German games studio, Envision Entertainment, has risen from the ashes of EA Phenomic which closed earlier this year.

Envision already boasts a team of 25 and is headed up by the Phenomic old guard, with Dirk Ringe, formerly VP, EP at EA Phenomic as CEO, Volker Wertich as creative director, Boris Kunkel as development director, Marco Löhlein as producer and Mark Novolozhilov as technical director.

The development team, mainly made up of ex-Phenomics, is already at work on several projects from its headquarters in Ingelheim, Germany.

EA Phenomic, a 60 person studio, was closed in July. It was strongly focused on real-time strategy games like Lord of Ultima and Spellforce. Its final game was the free-to-play Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances in 2012.

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Chris Murphy Community & Live Manager, Ubisoft8 years ago
Really glad to hear that something positive has come out of the closure of Phenomic. These guys know how to build games with great mechanics, that are highly attuned to their community's desires. Best of luck guys, I very much look forward to seeing what you come up with :)!
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Gil Salvado 3D/2D Artist 8 years ago
I'm very happy to read this and wish them best of luck with their new company. Such great talent deserves a chance. Rise like a pheonix!
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Adam Jordan Community Management/Moderation 8 years ago
If it didn't happen now then it certainly would have happened sometime next year, these guys are certainly hard to keep down, so I would certainly expect them to be packing quite a punch. Best of luck peeps, will be interesting to see what they have.
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany8 years ago
Yesterday we were introduced to some of this people, with whom we are looking forward to work with and learn from their expertise in RTS and PvP in general. Here in BlueByte, we can't be happier right now.

Welcome aboard! :D
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