Indie publisher Rebel Machine formed

Evolve PR head and Interceptor executive producer launch new outfit aimed at small developers

Rebel Machine is now online. Evolve PR head Tom Ohle and Interceptor Entertainment partner/executive producer Khaled Ibrahimi today announced their new publishing venture for independent developers.

While the company is just Ohle and Ibrahimi, the two industry veterans say their experiences on both the creation and promotion side of the industry give them a collective knowledge that can help game creators get the most out of their efforts. On the production side, Rebel Machine is offering QA/playtesting services, help finding key talent, and consultation. When the game's done, they'll also help studios deal with console manufacturers, land the title on digital storefronts, and take care of PR and marketing. This is all on an a la carte basis, so developers can use the company for as many or as few services as they need.

"We realize that developers often have a negative image of publishers: they force ideas on you, take too much money or just plain suck," Ohle said in an introductory blog post. "We want to use our experience in working with publishers to build an appealing publishing option for a wide range of indie needs."

Rebel Machine has put the call out for developers interested in its assistance, regardless of what platform they might be working on.

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Chris Murphy Community & Live Manager, Ubisoft4 years ago
It's always interesting to see how smaller ventures like this are chugging along after 6 to 12 months. From the limited work that I've done with Tom, he's certainly a decent chap who knows how to deal with indie devs. Hopefully he'll be able to have an even larger impact on the projects going forward :).
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