Angry Birds and Clash of Clans dev joins Scopely

Supercell product manager Michail Katkoff makes another career move

In a post on his official blog, Supercell product manager Michail Katkoff announced that he has joined Wordly publisher Scopely as its new director of product management. Earlier this year, Scopely announced that it was building a platform to help developers distribute and monetize mobile games. Double Fine, Big Cave Games, and Rocket Jump Games are the company's early partners in that in initiative.

"My experiences at Supercell and Rovio have a given me a unique window into everything that goes into scaling a mobile game into a global success. At Scopely I'll be using this experience to help some of the most talented game teams from around the world to go from good to (hopefully) great," Katkoff wrote in his post.

"In my new role, I'll still be working with partners, but now I'll be back to doing what I love the most; working with game teams to take their games to the next level and sharing my expertise in free-to-play mechanics. At the end, I am a game maker at heart," he added. "It's always extremely hard to leave and say goodbye to the people you've spent so much time with. I'm grateful for all the support I've received at Supercell - it's been a truly unforgettable experience and I'll miss the team."

Katkoff began his career in 2010 at Digital Chocolate, working as a product manager. A few years later, he moved over to Rovio to act as the executive producer of Angry Birds Rio. Then at the beginning of this year, he joined Supercell to act at product manager for Clash of Clans.

"Michail is one of the industry's leading voices in free-to-play game mechanics," Scopely CEO Walter Driver told VentureBeat. "His blog, Deconstructor of Fun, has rapidly become required reading for game designers and product managers. We're thrilled that he's now able to bring his unique expertise and the experience acquired working on some of the world's largest mobile titles like Clash of Clans and Angry Birds to Scopely's partner developers, working alongside them to make great games even better."

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