Cerny: 3 or 4 years before devs will get the best out of PS4

The PS4 lead architect says console's GPU customisation will offer more performance

PlayStation 4's lead architect has suggested that it could be a few years before we see developers really making the most of the consoles technical abilities, and revealed the PS4 has ten times the power of its predecessor.

"We set our target at 10 times the PlayStation 3's performance, because that's what we felt we needed to achieve in order to differentiate the titles," Mark Cerny told Polygon.

"I believe we are at that level of performance. I mean, the million pre-orders we have is, I think, speaking to that."

During its PS4 reveal Sony was keen to point out that conversations with developers had played a significant role in the design of the machine with the aim of making it easier to develop for than previous Sony consoles.

"It's a supercharged PC architecture, so you can use it as if it were a PC with unified memory," he added.

"Much of what we're seeing with the launch titles is that usage; it's very, very quick to get up to speed if that's how you use it. But at the same time, then you're not taking advantage of all the customisation that we did in the GPU. I think that really will play into the graphical quality and the level of interaction in the worlds in, say, year three or year four of the console."

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By Brendan Sinclair

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Adam Campbell Game Production Manager, Azoomee4 years ago
Thanks to programmable shader architecture, if you were to make games for the Xbox (2001) you could still see significant graphical improvement.

I agree with Cerny but I would probably go further and say the sky is pretty much the limit as long as there's someone developing for the platform and willing to try new things...

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Ian Hultz Student, GSC4 years ago
Doesn't this hold true for every major gaming platform? 3 or 4 years before devs will get the best out them? Anyways. I'm just happy that we'll have new tech to play with.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 4 years ago
Doesn't this hold true for every major gaming platform?
Yes it does but they needed a sound bite so here we are.
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Andy Samson QA Supervisor, Digital Media Exchange4 years ago
I don't want to wait 10 years to see the next evolution of consoles. By the time they figure it out, The Wii U's life cycle nears its end and Nintendo's going to be releasing their next home console.
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