Xbox 360 tops consoles in US in April with 130,000 sold

Hardware sales continue to go down, but Microsoft is maintaining its streak of outselling the other consoles in the US

Microsoft sent word that its Xbox 360 console has sold 130,000 units in April, a month in which hardware sales were down 42 percent, marking the 28th consecutive month as the best-selling console in the US.

The Xbox 360 held 42 percent share of the current-gen console market, and total retail spend on the Xbox 360 platform in April (hardware, software and accessories) reached $208 million, the most for any console in the US.

Of course, all eyes are on Microsoft right now as the company prepares to lift the curtain on its next-gen Xbox system. The event will take place on May 21 at 10 AM Pacific time on the Redmond campus. GamesIndustry International will bring you full coverage.

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Private Industry 5 years ago
Well last year we had Xenoblade,Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition, Darkness 2, Prototype 2 and Binary Domain in April.

It's always the same with NPD statements or "game analysts", they look just how many games sold last year versus the current year, but they never bother to actually look at the releases. I can already predict that May numbers year over year will decline because Diablo 3 came out last year and not really anything this year and that September sales are up year over year because of GTA 5.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.5 years ago
Andreas, hardware sales are a product of catalog and new software.

Werner is rightly pointing out that it is silly to point out sales dropped without the context of reduced high profile software to drive hardware sales.
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Andy Samson QA Supervisor, Digital Media Exchange5 years ago
It's a lot easier to see and correlate when you look at the Japanese hardware numbers going up or down depending on the games released for the system.
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