Currys PC World reveals new PC gaming "bunker"

Tottenham Court Road store will be home to accessories, networked PCs and free-to-play games

Currys PC World has today opened a new retail space at one of its London stores which will be dedicated solely to PC gaming.

"We're incredibly excited to unveil the Gaming Bunker at our Tottenham Court Road store. The store has a great track record for hosting launches and events, so it's the perfect place for the UK's newest PC gaming destination; the most interactive space of its kind," said the chain's Simon Urquhart.

But what will PC gamers find in the 500sq foot of bunker? 10 networked PCs, PC gaming accessories and a range of free-to-play and triple- A titles to test them out with. The retailer is promising all the tech, from brands like Razer, TurtleBeach, SteelSeries, Corsair, MadCatz, Roccat and Logitech, will be constantly updated to make sure it's offering the latest products.

"We look forward to introducing gamers to the best mice, keyboards, headsets and other essential PC gaming gear. But as well as being the best place to try out these superb products, we hope the gaming community will enjoy coming to events, launches and tournaments and get involved in making the Gaming Bunker a hub of PC gaming and eSports in the heart of London."

Currys PC World is the largest electronic retailer in the UK and is owned by Dixons Retail plc.

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Thomas Dolby Project Manager / Lead Programmer, Ai Solve7 years ago
This is what people on this website were talking about for GAME when they were talking about bigger stores. This sounds like a great experiment, make the stores have something worth visiting for. The high street can't compete with online prices and convenience, but they can throw a spanner in the works and introduce something new that the online experience can't replicate.
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