New head of technology for Velocity developer FuturLab

Brighton studio grabs former Black Rock, Relentless programmer Hussain Sheikh

Velocity studio FuturLab has hired Hussain Sheikh as its new head of technology.

Sheikh was previously lead visual effects programmer at Black Rock working on Pure and Split/Second, before moving to Relentless to work on NatGeo TV.

"Our goal is to give gamers something they can cherish, and whilst a large part of that requires world-class design, we also recognise that technical excellence is of paramount importance," said James Marsden, MD of FuturLab.

"We're delighted to announce that Hussain will be joining us immediately, bringing a great deal of experience and leadership to our technical team. His ability to create very pretty visual effects should keep our fans happy too."

Sheikh joins FuturLab as it secures funding for PlayStation Vita projects from Sony, following the successful release of titles Surge, Fuel Tiracas and Beats Slider for PlayStation Mobile.

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tony beckwith Studio Head and Co-Founder, Studio Gobo5 years ago
Brilliant news Hussain! Well done chap!
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David Amor Director, MAG Interactive5 years ago
A wonderful guy with real talent. He'll be a real asset to Futurlab.
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Greg Knight Freelance Developer 5 years ago
A legend!!
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Jason Avent VP, Studio Head, NaturalMotion5 years ago
Great stuff. Sounds like a position where he can make a real difference. Best of luck Hussain!
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Antony Bowler Managing Director, Razor Sharp Studios Ltd5 years ago
Great to see you guys going from strength to strength.
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