EVE Online reaches 450,000 subscribers

The numbers are up for EVE as CCP finishes the game's Chinese relaunch

Publisher CCP Games has announced that EVE Online has passed the 450,000 subscriber mark with the game's recent relaunch in China. CCP and Chinese partner TianCity relaunched the game in the region last week. According to CCP, sales of EVE Online in China have “surpassed expectations”.

"I can't think of a better way to kick off our celebration of our tenth anniversary than bringing a new era of EVE Online to mainland China, and I welcome them into the world of New Eden as we enter into our second decade of growth and prosperity for EVE," said CCP Games chief executive officer Hilmar Veigar Pétursson.

"Because of the tremendous effort of the team at CCP, we can proudly say that EVE Online has grown every year since its launch in 2003,” said Pétursson.

EVE Online also saw the release of its 18th expansion, Retribution, on December 6.

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Latest comments (7)

Pier Castonguay Programmer 7 years ago
Most of them are probably bots or gold farmers, but hey if they pay...
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Adrian Herber7 years ago
@Pier Castonguay Good odds you're right. CCP were smart though, Eve Online is now two universes - they're keeping China in their own 'realm' that is completely isolated from the main Eve universe.
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Rolf Moren Freelance Marketing Consultant 7 years ago
Well.. a monthly mmorpg that grows! Still some interesting news.
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Joshua Rose Executive Producer / Lead Designer, Storm Eagle Studios7 years ago
I'll take a wild guess and say you guys probably don't play the game.

It's not at all surprising the game continues to grow. It grows at a slower pace than most other MMO's, but that's because the game has it's own style of natural selection. Only the strong survive to continue playing.

They just recently came out with a new expansion on the 4th, that revamped their entire bounty hunting system so that it's a legitimate profession (before it was broken and useless). Wanna be a trader? Go ahead. Wanna be a pirate? Arrrrgghh matey. Wanna be a market genius and sit in station all day buying and selling on trends? Trade to your heart's content... Wanna run missions by yourself and enjoy the game alone? Go right ahead... Wanna join an alliance made up of thousands of players all fighting other alliances for control of non-empire space? Enjoy. Wanna sit in an asteroid belt and mine minerals? Boring, but go right a head.

I've played my share of MMO's, and none come quite as close to being able to do anything you want as EVE does.

Now excuse me while I go continue to advance my plot to take down an entire alliance from the inside >.>
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Charles Line CTO, NYTA7 years ago
I keep trying others, but I return to Eve.

Eve is a game that can be whatever you want it to be. You can dip in and out for mere minutes at a time or you can be consumed for days, weeks or months with a plan that may, or may not, pan out.

It's not so much a game, as an alternate existence.

I don't suppose it would be much fun if you don't like spaceships, though.
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Thaadd Powell Sales Rep, ACD Game Distribution7 years ago
@Joshua Take down an alliance from the inside? (Contacts spymaster to step up efforts).

There are so many wacky things you can do in the game. 6 Years in, and I run a logistics department? Space highways and 160 moon miners. I know other people who are full time scammers. I'm curious what the current breakdown by country is - I know that they've released that information before - it's one of my favorite aspects - you deal with nationblocks, encounter groups composed of Finns or Italians or (many) Russians. There is an addictive quality that's I can't imagine being mirrored too many places - spreadsheet warriors, and the evenings it's like clocking into a second job .... and yet I do it.

Kudos for a great product, CCP.
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Joshua Rose Executive Producer / Lead Designer, Storm Eagle Studios7 years ago
@Charles: You hit it right on the head. I'm the exact same way. I've tried others, but EVE is the one one I've ever come back to more than once.

@Thaadd: It was a joke (or was it). And the Russians... OMG the Russians. The only friend to a Russian, is another Russian (sometimes).

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