Up to 20 more jobs go at Gameforge Berlin

German online games company lets PR and product development staff go

Online games company Gameforge is letting more staff go, with up to 20 redundancies planned for the Berlin team.

The company will axe positions in PR and product development, although some staff are being asked to move to another Gameforge location in Karlsruhe, southwest Germany. A handful of roles in social media and brand building will remain in Berlin, GamesIndustry International understands.

Director of corporate communications Axel Schmidt, director of business development Andreas Peltret and Marco Neubert, director of product PR have already left the company.

"Some of the employees have been suggested to relocate to Karlsruhe, but the majority of the affected staff have been given a termination agreement," a source close to the situation told GamesIndustry International.

Mattias Heilig, PR manager for Gameforge, declined to comment but suggested an announcement on the redundancies was due soon.

Gameforge has been in transition since 2010 when it acquired Frogster Interactive. Since then, the company has seen executive departures, large-scale redundancies and the cancellation of game projects.

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Latest comments (2)

Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 7 years ago
As ever it is sad when game industry jobs go. Commiserations.

Just now the game industry is in revolution with all sorts of Darwinian forces at play. The good news is that far more people are playing far more games than ever before. Over the last couple of years gaming has gone truly global and truly mainstream. So the demand for what we do is at an all time high. Our industry, overall, is booming.
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Chris Murphy Community & Live Manager, Ubisoft7 years ago
There were some great people working in the PR department there, I hope this hasn't hit any of you too hard. As Bruce has said though, there are plenty of opportunities out there in the industry at the moment, I wish you all the best of luck in finding something that you'll truly enjoy doing!
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