Nintendo accelerates Wii U push with 5,000 kiosks at US retail

Consumers will be able to either play certain titles or watch videos about them

With the Wii U launching in under two weeks on November 18, Nintendo of America is kicking its marketing into the next gear. In addition to new TV spots that show "How U Will Play Next" the company is introducing 5,000 Wii U kiosks to retailers like Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart and Toys 'R' Us. GamesIndustry International actually already saw one of these at a New York Best Buy this weekend.

Some of the Wii U kiosks will enable consumers to get a hands-on game play experience while others will supply specially created video content that highlights Wii U's games and features. Some of the titles being spotlighted at retail include Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, Sing Party, ZombiU and Rayman Legends.

The consensus from analysts is that Wii U is likely to sell out this holiday season, but as the console enters 2013 and Microsoft and Sony look to further cut prices, Nintendo could be under much greater pressure.

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Caleb Hale Journalist 7 years ago
You really have to get the GamePad in your hands to understand the Wii U. I finally found a kiosk over the weekend in my quite little corner of the world and played some of the Rayman Legends demo. Yes, for the first few minutes the size of the controller and spacing of my hands were awkward. That took about two minutes to dissipate. After playing about 10 minutes, I was really enjoying the experience and eager to see how other games would feel with the setup. Unfortunately, Rayman was the only playable game at the station, and I question the wisdom of letting people try out the console with a game that now won't be out until March (NintendoLand seems like a natural alternative).

Any developer who decides to snub this machine is really only doing themselves a disservice. The console is as capable as the other current gen systems (and can probably be pushed much further), and having the GamePad with that extra screen handy really feels like an empowering way to tackle a game.
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Ian Brown IT Developer / IT Infrastructure 7 years ago
I'm excited for the Wii U but probably not for the same reasons as others. For me its the tech side of it, its something new and after this extended period for a console life (longest one I've known since the Genisis/Megadrive to Saturn) it's given me that giddiness back when they start flaunting the next gen hardware. Sadly though for me its the games that get me to buy consoles and for as long as I can remember Nintendo consoles have never given me a selection of games that I really really want to play. Sony, Microsoft and Sega have done this for me but for some reason I never digged Nintendo's offering with the exception of a couple of games here and there. I'll still give this a look and heck I might even buy one if I'm feeling reckless with a pay check but I won't be waiting outside in the cold to get my hands on one.
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