Microsoft is developing its own smartphone - report

Sources claim that new phone could launch if Windows Phone 8 fails to perform

Microsoft is following up the launch of its Surface tablet with the production of its own smartphone, the Wall Street Journal Reports.

According to inside sources, including some of Microsoft's parts suppliers, the company is working with component manufacturers in Korea and China to finalise the hardware. As such, specific details are in short supply, though Microsoft is believed to favour a 5-inch screen - substantially larger than market-leading devices like the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Microsoft has struggled to make a dent in the highly lucrative but fiercely competitive mobile market with its Windows Phone OS. The launch of Windows 8 is regarded as a clear step towards an ecosystem in which mobile devices play a major role, though at present Microsoft's presence in the smartphone market is limited to partnerships with HTC and Nokia.

According to the Verge, which cites separate sources, a "Surface phone" is a back-up plan should Windows Phone 8 under-perform on partner devices.

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Adam Campbell Game Production Manager, Azoomee5 years ago
Another reason for Nokia and other Windows partners to be worried...
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Clive Gorman Product Marketing Manager 5 years ago
I'm seriously considering moving to Windows 8 phone. I'm loving Windows 8 on my PC and love the idea of it all being synched.
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Antoine EMOND Manager, Community Development, Ubisoft5 years ago
GO for it, that's a wonderful choice!
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 5 years ago
I would have thought that Microsoft would have done a google and partnered with Nokia for an own brand phone based on the Lumia 920. What they would call this base brand is anyone's guess but, it makes much more monetary and logical sense for them to do this. To go it alone would be to simply throw money away. They simply don't have the phone making know-how to pull it off. I mean the surface RT is a marvel of engineering and totally underpowered for what it's being asked to do. Imagine a surface style phone.

Please Microsoft, if there is any truth to this rumour then partner with someone who knows phones and preferably isn't Samsung. Nokia's Lumia screen and camera would make any windows phone a winner. Couple that with something like a snapdragon quad core and LTE, wireless charging out of the box and google's nexus would start to look overpriced even at 399 dollars (and I've got one on pre-order)!
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Andrew Lee Pearson Studying Game Designer, Train2Game5 years ago
"Surface phone" is a back-up plan should Windows Phone 8 under-perform on partner devices.
Microsoft put as much research and effort in you did to make Surface Tablet, build Surface Phone and we shall buy! This sounds like an awesome idea. Don't build it as a back-up plan build it anyway.

Been using Visual Studio since preparing for this year Record breaking Game Jam and have thoroughly enjoyed building for this platform.

I feel like I'm been tortured at the moment we have Surface RT out, and I'm impatiently waiting for Surface Pro. Do I wait or buy both versions.

Edit: Just to add I can see now using Surface Phone Smartglass app to change music etc. on the Surface Tablet from another room in the house. Cool!

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Andrew Lee Pearson on 6th November 2012 11:53am

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