Kixeye hit by racism allegations

Employee of the social company now taking legal action after several instances of discrimination

An employee of Kixeye has accused the growing social gaming company of institutional racism, Kotaku reports.

The employee published a blog post - since removed - under the name "Qu33riousity" that described several instances of discrimination against Kixeye's black employees.

When Qu33riousity complained about the behaviour, he was told that he was "too sensitive" and that the comments were "just jokes." Allegedly, the fact that the Kixeye team contained several transvestites was offered as proof that there was no racism in the office.

"You need to check all that at the door before you come here to work," he was told. "We don't even tolerate people brining up concerns of racism here."

After the post was taken down, Kixeye CEO Will Harbin sent Kotaku an official response, emphasising the company's dim view of racist behaviour.

"After an initial investigation we've taken substantial corrective action and will continue to do so as appropriate," Harbin said. "The actions described in the blog post do not represent the cultural standards at Kixeye (as demonstrated by our diverse and talented team) and will not be tolerated."

Qu33riousity is now pursuing legal action against the company.

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I read the blog post last night before it was removed, and if what Qu33riousity posted was even half true it's a horrifying example of a deeply racist, homo- and transphobic workplace. He was obviously extremely upset by what had happened(which might explain some of the less-than-helpful racist and violent language he used himself) and I hope the problem has been resolved as Kixeye suggest it has.

Nobody should have to put up with what he experienced though, and the fact that the environment had been allowed to deteriorate to such a poisonous level casts Kixeye's management policies in a dubious light.

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Tameem Antoniades Creative Director & Co-founder, Ninja Theory Ltd7 years ago
If this happened in the UK, Kixeye would be in big trouble indeed. Here the employer is guilty until proven innocent.
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Keldon Alleyne Strategic Keyboard Basher, Avasopht Development7 years ago
I always remember this one time when a colleague made an religiously offensive comment in the office, which was overheard by the boss. Immediately the boss explained the seriousness of being considerate to sensitive issues. Quite simply, he created an environment where people were free to joke around but were made fully aware of the importance of being respectful to other people's working experience.

Hopefully Kixeye will be able to follow suit and address this issue appropriately if the accusations turn out to be true, especially since the alleged culturally ignorant views reported by Qu33riosity are rife in this day and age where there are an unfortunate many who are very unaware of the realities of the world for people coming from diverse backgrounds, etc. This trickles down to religious insensitivity and all the other indirect negative discriminatory ideas that some may hold.

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Not knowing the situation surrounding the incident, I can only comment on the issue of racism in general. Though there is some true racial hatred that exists through out the world, as long as popular minority comedians utilize race and racist jokes in their routines, people who are not a part of those minorities are likely to slip up and use similar terms and themes in jest. Like it or not, popular culture does play a role in shaping our vernacular.

It's certainly important that we try not to make our co-workers angry or make them feel belittled, but it's also unrealistic to assume that a person will never gauge their audience/co-workers incorrectly and never say something that another is offended by.
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises7 years ago
I didn't read anything too shocking in the Kotaku story, did they edit it or leave a lot out?

It seems the guy was offended by some jokes, complained about it, wasn't taken seriously, and then decided to sue the company.
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@Craig He was offended by some really racist 'jokes' and jibes, complained about it, and got told to shut up. I'm glad he posted his blog entry and I'm glad Kixeye have taken swift action in response.

You can read a cached version of the original post here:
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