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Nintendo drops PR firm Good Relations

UK in early stages of appointing new agency ahead of Wii U launch

Just a few months ahead of the launch of the Wii U Nintendo has parted ways with its UK PR agency Good Relations.

"The year 2012 is a big one for Nintendo and with this in mind we are currently reviewing our PR agency. The first round of this process has already been completed," a Nintendo spokeswoman told PRWeek.

Both the UK consumer and corporate PR business are now out to pitch, with shortlists of potential agencies due by the end of July, and pitches expected at the end of August. The account could be worth as much as £350,000 to the victor.

"The challenge for the chosen agency will be keeping the existing Wii platform commercially viable as well as evoking excitement and anticipation in consumers and the industry for the Wii U launch," added an unnamed source.

Nintendo started working with Good Relations in 2010, and the agency also represents Blackberry and QinetiQ.

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Devante Adams designer 9 years ago
It is a good thing that Nintendo is parting company with GR PR company because from 2010 and onwards the wii buzz had seem to die down since they took over (coincidental, maybe). I they want to drive the sales of their products, they need to find an agency that can deliver the same buzz that surrounded the Wii in its first 3 years of sales and deliver a definitive message of confidence to the core gamers that this product will exceed your expectations.
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Dean Parker9 years ago
Perfect Curve perhaps?
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers9 years ago
The past couple of years on the Wii there was just less to sell - I'm not sure that's so much PR's fault as the fact that third-parties and even Nintendo stopped putting out so much for the system. What I want to know is who produced their E3 press conference - there are quite a few things I found out afterwards and they really seemed to make poor use of the time allotted them.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 9 years ago
There is a theory that with a PR company you are buying contacts and ideas. So it is best to change every year once you have used up an agencies store of both.

I hate pitches because agencies tend to hit you with pitch teams who are incredibly impressive. Then if you give them the account you get the clueless graduate.

PR has changed massively over the last couple of years as social media has become dominant. A good tweet is better than a
mention on Chris Evans or the front cover of Edge. Some agencies have adapted to this better than others. Surprisingly so.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Bruce Everiss on 19th July 2012 2:06pm

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