Sony to launch "nasne" networked media device

Entertainment hub will work in concert with PS3, Vita, VAIO PCs and other Sony devices

Sony will launch a networked home entertainment device called "nasne" in Japan this summer.

"Nasne" is a media recording and storage device with 500GB of local storage. It also has digital terrestrial and satellite broadcast tuners, allowing users to stream and store programming through other networked Sony devices like PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, VAIO PCs and Sony tablets.

"Nasne" will work with a PS3 via a dedicated application called "torne 4.0", which will ship with the device. Vita users will also use a version of torne 4.0 to stream stored content through a WiFi connection. "Nasne" can create an export file while a programme is being recorded, allowing rapid transfer of content to the Vita.

"We are offering a seamless and unique Sony experience through 'nasne,' which serves as a home entertainment hub that connects to Sony's various network products," said Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai in a statement.

"'nasne' will give users more freedom to enjoy television in new ways by enabling them to watch programs on various Sony products through dedicated applications. We will continue to offer attractive products and services that inspire customers around the world and spark their curiosity, by further enhancing collaboration within Sony groups."

"Nasne" will launch in Japan on July 19 2012 for an RRP of 16,980 (132 / $210). Sony hasn't announced details of launch plans for any other territories.

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Aleksi Ranta Category Management Project Manager 5 years ago
Maybe im too old but I first thought it was the 1st of April.
Nasne and Torne, but then again those names werent made for western ears.
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 5 years ago
Looks to me as if this is just a torne with satellite tuner and a hard drive added. I'm not seeing anything in this that's not simply a logical and obvious progression from what torne already does, which is basically just a PVR that doesn't let you burn disc copies of what you record. (Many TVs sold in Japan these days, even lower-end models, offer this functionality with the simple addition of a USB HDD.)

"Torune" (when transliterated from the katakana) makes sense, since "toru" is to record. I've no idea which of the many homophones for "nasu" they're using, however. Quite frankly, "aubergine" seems as reasonable to me as many of the others.
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Antony Carter Senior Programmer, Epic Games5 years ago

This is full standalone where torne needs a PS3, it also has DLNA so will work with most devices not just Sony branded ones. Also supports free sat and has its own hard drive for the difference in price its a better deal.
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