Google Wallet to become mandatory for Android Marketplace?

Report suggests developers have been warned to adopt payment system or else

Google has reportedly been warning Android developers to adopt its Google Wallet payment service or face removal from the Marketplace, which has been re-branded as Google Play.

A report from Reuters indicates that the company has been issuing warnings to studios since as long ago as August, indicating that the use of any alternative payment methods is a breach of the company's terms and conditions.

"They told people that if they used other payment services they would be breaking the terms of use," Papaya Mobile CEO Si Shen, told the news service. "Whether it's right or wrong, we have to follow the rules.

"If we had a choice, the freedom to choose which billing service, then that's even better. But if we have to follow the rules, we will. I want to maintain a very good relationship with Google. We are very collaborative. It's very important to the business."

Whilst there may be some resistance to the move, it will only bring Android in line with the enforced proprietary payment systems already used by both Apple and Facebook. The cut of 30 per cent which the company takes from each transaction is also in line with its rivals.

However, whilst there's a clear financial imperative for the company, a unified payment system will also go some way towards combating the issues of fragmentation which trouble the ecosystem. By offering a familiar, single cashing point, Google hopes to lower friction and increase trust, thereby increasing user spend.

So far, Google has declined to confirm a forthcoming switch to the mandatory use of Wallet. The company has been approached for comment.

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Latest comments (3)

Thomas Dolby Project Manager / Lead Programmer, Ai Solve5 years ago
Google seems to be in a bit of a tough situation with these things. People complain the market is too fragmented and unregulated, but as soon as they do something about it people shout about how they're taking away the freedom of the platform.

I guess I see this story as a good step forward though, it should benefit the consumer with a single, safe form of payment as long as devs don't hike up prices to compensate for the margins Google take or there are security flaws I'm not aware of.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game5 years ago
Out of interest, I would be interested to know what market share of the marketshare on Android goes through google marketplace, what goes through Amazon, and what goes through smaller App stores. The fragmentation will still be there if Google marketplace is not the primary place most Android users shop.
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Mat Barrie Site Manager, IGN Vault Network5 years ago
I'm personally more interested in how Google is going to cater for the complete lack of support for Google Wallet/Google Checkout for merchants outside the US and UK. Only Brits and Americans need apply?
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