Layoffs at Brazilian social dev Vostu

"We are consolidating our game design and development at our new headquarters in Buenos Aires."

Vostu, the Brazilian social gaming outfit, has confirmed redundancies a few months after settling its legal battle with Zynga.

"Vostu grew a significant amount in the last 18 months and is constantly focused on improving efficiency for future growth which includes select and strategic hiring," the company confirmed to TechCrunch.

"We are consolidating our game design and development at our new headquarters in Buenos Aires."

The number of job losses was not confirmed.

Zynga might currently be the subject of copycat allegations from developers like Nimblebit, but it actually triumphed in legal proceedings against the Brazilian developer, after filing a suit for copycat infringement. Vostu appealed, but was forced to pay out an undisclosed settlement fee in February and change a handful of its titles.

The company boasts around 50 million players and is the largest social gaming company in Brazil. At the end of December it launched two new mobile titles, Meow and Milk n'Cookies.

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Thiago Vignoli Creative Director, Fan Studios6 years ago
So many friends are fired this week. Ex- Vostu in the market looking for job now.

Buenos Aires have a small basic salary than Brasil?
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If you're looking for a job in the industry, I'm pretty sure you have more studios in Sao Paulo that in all of Argentina. If you're looking for big studios with lots of employees, I think you could count them with your fingers. Could be wrong though.

Moreso, a couple went under last year.
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