NPD retail reports to include Walmart data

American retailer to submit sales figures to market research company

The NPD Group will now include sales data from US Walmart stores and in its reports, after signing a deal with the American retailer.

"This agreement is truly a game changer for NPD and for the industry," said NPD CEO Karyn Schoenbart. 

"With Walmart data, we will be able to provide our clients with world class information and solidify our leadership position as the premier source of market insight in our industries."

Walmart is currently the world's largest retailer, with 8,500 stores globally and over 3000 in the US alone. 

"Our agreement with NPD will provide Walmart with deeper insights into what consumers are buying and what they are looking to buy," said Cindy Davis, executive VP of Walmart global customer insights. 

"We are sharing our point-of-sale information so that we're able to identify opportunities sooner and work with our manufacturer partners to develop more impactful customer-driven programs in the future."

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Jacob VanDerWerf Editor, FS Media, Inc.6 years ago
Wait, does that mean they weren't reporting figures on video game sales, etc. from the world's largest retail chain before this?
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