Netflix drops games-by-mail ambitions

Movie specialist has "no plans to enter video games" according to CEO

Netflix has confirmed that it no longer has plans to offer a games-by-mail service to its users.

It had originally announced plans to do so last summer as it spun off the physical business, offering subscribers the option to upgrade their accounts by adding games and Blu-ray movies.

But in a recent call to investors, CEO Reed Haastings said that while Blu-ray and 3D discs are still part of the mix, the company has "no plans to enter video games."

Such a move would have put it into direct competition with GameFly in the US. Amazon's LoveFilm business also offers games to rent via post.

Yesterday Netflix revealed that subscribers were returning to the business after a price increase last year, and that the UK launch of the service has "exceeded expectations," according to the Financial Times.

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