Aeria Games acquires ijji Games portal

Also received investment and publishing rights from Koren internet company NHN

Online gaming site Aeria Games has acquired free-to-play gaming portal ijji Games, and investment from Korean internet company NHN.

"The acquisition of ijji Games further enhances our market leader position in the rapidly consolidating free-to-play sector of mid- and hard-core gaming," said Lan Hoang, CEO

"In addition to outstanding new content such as the popular A.V.A. and Soldier Front games and other quality titles from NHN going forward, NHN's investment-which is our first external funding-will provide resources to facilitate our continuing growth and business expansion in multiple areas."

Aeria has also join forces with NHN to publish its games globally, adding to its portfolio of over 30 MMOs including Wolf Team, Last Chaos and Need For Speed World.

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gi biz ;, 6 years ago
Aren't all games from Aeria completely free? Like no extra content, no fees, no advertisement? Am I missing something or where did they get the money to buy things?
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Brian DeSanti Producer, Kabam6 years ago
Aeria's game use the micro-transaction revenue model so they can be completely free if you choose, or you can spend money for enhancements, vanity items, etc.
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Thomas Bidaux CEO, ICO Partners6 years ago
This can be read in a different number of ways. NHN is a very very large company - this investment made in Aeria could be quite significant and practically make Aeria its game entity in the West, rather than just a licensor.
Last sentence is not very clear at this point and I guess what happens to the NHN games currently in development will tell more about this than a deal on the actual portfolio.
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Brian Lewis Operations Manager, PlayNext6 years ago
You can see the official press release on the Aeria Site:
[link url=

You can also read the FAQ about how Ijji will be merged into Aeria:
[link url=

These are the official statements for now, but you should be able to figure out the rest when more details are announced in the future.

At this time Aeria is publishing titles from many (previous) competitors, such as Perfect World, EA, K2/GamersFirst, and now NHN (Ijji). Expect to see more such deals in the future as Aeria grows.
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