Bigpoint nets €2 million from virtual drone

2000 DarkOrbit players purchase premium virtual item

Leading free-to-play online developer Bigpoint has generated €2 million in revenue from a single virtual item.

The item in question is a high-ranked combat drone (the "Zeus Drone") for the company's popular MMO DarkOrbit. The item went on sale for €1,000 on four separate days this month, and more than 2000 of DarkOrbit's 65 million registered players bought one.

Bigpoint confirmed the figures to GamesBrief, and estimated that its total revenue from virtual goods this year would hit €200 million.

"Originally, CEO Heiko Hubertz told me that the company had sold 1000 [Zeus] drones," said Nicholas Lovell, who operates the GamesBrief blog.

"He then introduced me to the producer of the game, Simon Davis, to explain how DarkOrbit worked. Simon told me that he had been authorised to say that the company has now sold 2000, as at 16th November 2011."

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Julien Amougou , Nokia6 years ago
One THOUSAND Euros for a virtual item?????
Two THOUSAND people bought one???????????????

I need to go lie down.
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Joseph Harvey Department head, Firelight Technologies6 years ago
Move over microtransactions, macrotransactions have arrived!
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Guido Schmidt Lead Game Designer, Ubisoft Blue Byte6 years ago
This news is actually not true.
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Nick Parker Consultant 6 years ago
I wonder how much of this was on the record or off the record?
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Julien Amougou , Nokia6 years ago
@ Guido: the OP Lovell is standing by his article, please see his comment at the bottom of the article you linked to. So I still need to lie down for a bit.
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