Zynga IPO posited as pre-Thanksgiving

Sources date pricing and flotation in week before 24 November

News sources are reporting that Zynga is ready to date and price its IPO, with the company floating its stock in the week before Thanksgiving on 24 November.

Reuters cited two separate anonymous sources familiar with the offering, pointing out that the usual two-week 'roadshow' period of presenting to investors would likely put Zynga's offering hot on the heels of consumer deal network Groupon.

In other Zynga news, Industry Gamers revealed exclusively that Westwood Studios founder and industry veteran Lou Castle has resigned from his position of VP of studios at the social publisher, citing a need to spend more time with family.

Instead, he has taken up the position of COO at Vegas-based gambling supplies company Shuffle Master.

"The Zynga gig was clearly a 5 day a week, 24/7 requirement," Castle told Industry Gamers. "[I have] twins in senior year of high school and [Shuffle Master's] a local job. Life's too short, so I couldn't resist."

Castle only joined Zynga in March, 2011 but has sat on the board of Shuffle Master for six years. He has now stepped down from the board to take the job of COO.

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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
"The Zynga gig was clearly a 5 day a week, 24/7 requirement,"

5 days and 24/7? Surely 24/7 implies 7 days a week, what with it being called 24/7 and not 24/5?
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he probably meant a full time around the clock (24H) 5 days a week job, although that probably includes sat and sundays ad hoc as well :)
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John Donnelly Quality Assurance 6 years ago
I am torn here.
On one hand I distest Zyanga thanks to the flood of 'Ville' spam on my facebook page so I want to see the IPO either undersubscribed and cancled or the price to crash.

On the other hand I want to see the company get the investment as I think the company has some great tallent and could do good things in the industry (as long as I get less FB spam in the process)

I think they may be making a mistake with an IPO right now as the marker conditions are not great plus with the way FB changes the MAU numbers it makes it look like a much weaker company than it was a few months back.

I know that I would rather stump up for shares in EA and Activision right now given the outlook for sales over the coming months.
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I think they want to IPO now, because market conditions are not projected to improve in the short term. Seeing as there is a probable wane of farming related games, a rise in quality casual games, projected rise of tablet/smartphone games.

I am guessing Zynga, are in a bit of a IPO
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