Speakers wanted for Develop Liverpool and Evolve London

Speaker submissions are now open for conferences later this year

Tandem Events has opened the speaker submission process for the upcoming Develop and Evolve events in London and Liverpool.

Develop in Liverpool takes place on November 24 at the Liverpool Hilton Hotel.

Last year's event attracted around 200 developers, and this year will offer three session tracks and networking opportunities. Proposals can be submitted at the official site.

Evolve in London is on December 1 at De Vere West One.

This year in Brighton the Evolve conference featured over a hundred members of the industry, and the London event will feature the same mix of development, business and networking. Those who wish to speak should visit the event's site for more details.

The deadline to submit all proposals is October 4.

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Del Hartin Senior Designer, NaturalMotion6 years ago
Edit: working now.

Links are not working for me but here are the conferences. They should be great!

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Antony Cain Lecturer in Computer Games Design, Sunderland College6 years ago
Your Liverpool link has ended up with a stray BR tag, so doesn't work directly. It took me to the unforgivable typo below :)

"Oops! Sorry the page your looking for cannot be found."

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