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Trion and Gazillion vets launch new mobile studio

Motiga to concentrate on cloud based mobile gaming, launching The LeftOvers

Chris Chung and Rick Lambright, formerly of Trion Worlds and Gazillion Entertainment have formed Motiga games, a new mobile gaming studio that will concentrate on cloud based titles.

The company developed the Motiga Infinite Context Engine, a scalable mobile server that incorporates cloud based technology, and allows smaller teams to build real time titles for mobile in shorter time periods.

The first game from the studio is real time multiplayer title called The Left Overs, created by iOS dev Tinfoil Fez, which Motiga is currently showing at PAX.

"Traditionally, creating server infrastructure for a real-time multiplayer game requires a sizable team of highly skilled server developers," said Lambright.

"MICE makes it easy to create real-time multiplayer games for mobile devices. The fact that The LeftOvers is created by a team of three developers is a testament to the ease of use and robustness of our technology."

The company was founded last August. Chung was previously the chief strategy officer at Trion Worlds, and CEO at NCsoft West. Lambright was chief architect at Gazillion Entertainment, as well as well as working with Sony Online Entertainment, Sierra Online and Monolith Productions.

"We've assembled an all-star team at Motiga, with a focus on ushering in the next generation of online multiplayer games across mobile devices," added Chung.

"And we won't do it alone. Our new MICE technology will give mobile developers the power to produce cutting-edge multiplayer games in record time."

The team at Motiga collectively has experience from ArenaNet, Game House, Microsoft, Outspark, Ubermind and Big Fish.

The company has received around $1.9 million in investment from angel investors and corporate investor Neowiz.

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