3DS sells 215,000 in Japan following price cut

Reports show second highest week of sales since launch

Nintendo's 3DS system sold 215,000 units in the week its price was cut in Japan, according to Famitsu publisher Enterbrain.

The price was cut in the region on August 11 from Ľ25,000 to Ľ15,000, giving the system its second highest week of sales since launch when it shifted over 371,000 units.

A separate report by Japanese paper Nikkei, states that the system sold 207,000 in the region during the week.

The following chart highlights sales for the 3DS in Japan.


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Very nice, but strong sales in this week was expected. Can it sustain some of this in the coming weeks/months, and more importantly - get some more titles released...
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wow, does this mean japan has games people want to play. if so, can we have some in the west please.
Its like selling empty cars without petrol over here!
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
I think it launched with a Professor Leighton game, surprised they haven't got that localised a bit quicker.
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Manoel Balbino Programmer, Playlore6 years ago
@Andrew: they need to release the fourth game on the West first (the 3DS one is the fifth). It's one of the most complicated games to localize too, since several of the puzzles just cannot be "translated" (specially the language-based ones) and new ones must be made to replace them.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Manoel Balbino on 16th August 2011 3:46pm

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Yiannis Koumoutzelis Founder & Creative Director, Neriad Games6 years ago
I have plenty of games on 3ds although I have to admit I play a lot less since I got an iPad... unfortunately what is missing from 3ds is not exactly games, the are some very good ones there, what is missing is the feel of a modern device; and I am not talking about graphics. Also the eshop feels poor compared to the wealth of apps and demo versions of games on the app store.

I have said this before..
the least they could do is encourage the developers and ofc do it themselves too, to put them demos they flash at various conventions/expos (such as E3 etc.) on the eshop for free grabs in anticipation of the full game.
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