Spanish police detain 3 possible Anonymous members

Operation captures 3 'leaders' and a server used in DDoS attacks

Spanish police are reporting the arrest of three members of the Anonymous hacktivist collective after an extensive operation in the country. The investigations were in retaliation to the hacking of government websites last year.

The report, carried by Meristation, and translated by VG247, says that members were arrested in Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria. One of those members operated a server from her home in Gijon, Northern Spain, which was used to perpetrate denial of service attacks against websites and agencies all over the world, apparently including Sony's.

The report quotes the domains compromised in attacks involving the server as "Sony Playstation Store, BBVA, Bankia, ENEL and the governments of Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand."

Spain's Technological Investigation Brigade of the National Police reportedly tracked through 200,000 lines of chatlogs to narrow down potential suspects and locations before making the arrests after almost nine months of investigation. Police claim to have found software at the site of the arrests "specifically designed for the creation of malware."

The suspects will be charged with criminal damage, discovery and disclosure of secrets and conspiracy in Spanish courts. It has not yet been revealed whether any of the detainees could face extradition charges.

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Reading this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 9 years ago
Yeah kick there asses! They are hinduring everyones gaming expiriences.
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Abel Oroz Art Director / Artist 9 years ago
I would enjoy them being the same ones that seemed so inflated in their ego after the PSN attack that insinuated they would be Sony's doom. I guess they don't feel so untouchable when they are waiting in the guardroom.
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Julio Gorgé Managing Director, Lemon Team9 years ago
I'm afraid the three guys arrested were only trying to organize yet another DDoS attack against the sites of some known corporations… they have nothing to do with the PSN crackdown, yet the spanish police is reporting that they have detained "Anynoymous' leaders". Come on…

I wouldn't be surprised if all of them are released without specific charges during next week.
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Julio Gorgé Managing Director, Lemon Team9 years ago
Oh wait, the three arrested 'hackers' have already been released by the police:
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I don't really see why they were bragging about stopping those "PSN hackers" if they have to release them a few days after. Still it's pretty funny =)

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Enric Pedró Sales Co-ordinator, EMEA, WildTangent9 years ago
This won't change anything at all....
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