PSP dominates Japanese hardware sales

3DS sales barely a third of Sony's portable in run up to Golden Week

The PSP almost outsold all other formats combined in Japan last week, in the run up to the ongoing Golden Week series of public holidays - with 3DS sales still lagging well behind in second place.

In the last few shopping days prior to Golden Week most formats saw an increase in sales, despite a lack of any major new software titles. Nevertheless, PSP sales increased by almost 28,000 units to 77,225 - including 251 for the PSPgo.

By comparison 3DS sales rose by only 5,000 to 28,413 - with no software titles in the top 10. PlayStation 3 sales rose by a similar amount to 23,954 units for the week.

The Nintendo DS family of consoles saw sales rise by over 3,500 units to 17,138; while Wii sales were up by 3,000 to 10,889.

Although it has only one software title in the top 50 (El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron at number 14) Xbox 360 sales more than doubled to 4,082. PlayStation 2 sales increased by only a few hundred to 1,582.

PlatformThis WeekLast Week
PlayStation 323,95419,033
Nintendo DSi XL9,2357,064
Nintendo DSi7,5846,214
Xbox 3604,0821,891
PlayStation 21,5821,163
Nintendo DS Lite319283

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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
Who would have thunk it. Monster hunter is more of a system seller to gamers than some card that lets you trick a 3D camera into thinking things are there when they aren't?
Still, the Dpad for camera makes looking around in monster hunter on psp a chore. I hope they localise the 360 version soon.

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Yiannis Koumoutzelis Founder & Creative Director, Neriad Games6 years ago
Amazing performance by PSP! Well done! It is kind of natural though.. monster hunter is by far the most popular series in Japan, ...not to mention the awesome games that are coming out for DS. DQM is again #1 in sales. Who would buy a new system when he has better games coming out on the current generation?

Unsurprisingly about a month after global launch 3DS sales are not #1 in the world either, in fact they are the last with PS3 and DS are topping the sales in EMEAA and pretty much the top 3 in the world are PSP DS and PS3. Pokemon is doing a good job in that region as well as America too against Mortal Kombat and Portal2! It is a very weird situation nintendo got itself in with their latest launch strategy.

Lets see what happens for 3DS in the post Ocarina and Mario Kart era. I think 3DS is as good as not launched yet. The update in May and Ocarina in June are going to be the "official" launch period. I'm not sure this strategy they followed with 3DS was a very good one, and i hope they do not repeat this again with their next console. I saw a comment about "early adopters" who buy the hardware even half finished and without many games and got scared a bit. :) No that is not what early adopters do! :)

Early adopters (like me) expected only the e-shop and browser to be missing. Not half the features of the system. i.e. system transfer etc. I still enjoy my 3DS very much, it so much more fun than any other system out there, and the negative publicity it got is highly exaggerated, but they should not have launched like that.
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Intrested to see how the NGP will do once its out.
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Jake Clayton6 years ago
Yiannus, i've also recently bourght a 3ds, and i have to say, although i'm disapointed that not all the features are active just yet.

i probly would of bourght the 3ds and been happy with it, if the missing features were never planned.
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I agree with Jack but fair to all which Japan is most of the time not. Before making any final judgement we should wait first until all the 3ds features are unlocked(first year only), second the system needs to be out for a year third the sales charts need to be redone because honestly the 3ds was released at an off time.

Then this also goes for the NGP.

Verdict, the results should be the same, some people will like the NGP while the others like the 3DS. NGP console game portable ripoffs and graphics era. 3DS- 3d gimmick you cant do anywhere else glasses free, unique 3d gaming experience.
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Yiannis Koumoutzelis Founder & Creative Director, Neriad Games6 years ago
How could i be disapointed with 3DS. It's high quality hardware, it has all modern game related features, it's easy to carry around, 3D really makes a difference with games, includes quite a few pre-installed nice mini game distractions, an RPG, an AR shooter, puzzle game, and i barely need the missing features as i am playing 3DS games a lot since i bought it. I'd like to have the browser though.

Having said that, I can understand how someone who has an android or touch or iphone\ipad probably doesn't think alike. And if i didn't know any better, i would believe the rumours on the internet which present it as the worst thing that ever came out :)

But as Emanuel says, verdict is not out yet. There is a very hot summer and winter coming up for 3DS. And although Japanese need their RPG games, (so do i) they have not shown a sign yet that they can resist to zelda, firefox, mario kart, and lets not forget the Resident Evil games which are lined up for the rest of the year. All 3DS needs right now is awesome games and patience. And there are many original and classic games comming up till the end of the year. Nintendo with 3ds has yet again delivered us a unique gaming experience, by time people will find out that it's really worth it.

It is going to be very interesting with NGP around by the year's end :)
NGP seems like a genuine powerhouse! would love to develop on both!

Yay for games! :D
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Charles Doty Senior Programmer, Firebrand Games6 years ago
Woot! Triple digit sales for the PSPgo.
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no surprise Monster Hunter is the top selling game franchise in Japan if you go to a game shop in Japan thats the game you want I'm moving to Japan cause of the Monster Hunter Video games their to legit to not buy
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Ben Meadows Senior QA Engineer, Thomson Reuters6 years ago
That $40 price drop must really be paying off for the PSP. Ever since the PS3 launched, I have had a theory that price has a lot to do with adoption statistics. I am not saying this is the "nail in the coffin" but one has to wonder if more people would be buying the 3DS had it been priced closer to the original DS launch price of $130* instead of the PSP, PSPgo's original offering price of $250*. I know for the "enthusiast" this is a moot point but for the younger gamers out there and the casual gamer this has got to have some impact.

*Original launch price information obtained from here.
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