Volition founder steps down after 18 years

VP of product development Dan Cermak to take president role

Volition founder Mike Kulas is to leave the company he established after 18 years.

The developer began as Parallax Software in 1993 before splitting into Volition and Outrage Entertainment. In 1998 Volition was acquired by publisher THQ, and has produced a number of big franchises including Red Faction and Saints Row.

Kulas said he is leaving voluntarily and will be succeeded by current VP of product development Dan Cermak taking the president role.

Volition is currently working on Red Faction: Armageddon and Saints Row: The Third, as well new horror trilogy inSANE with movie director Guillermo del Torro.

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Robert Huebner President/CEO, Nihilistic Software7 years ago
Mike was the first "boss" I ever worked for in games, and my experience working with him and the team on the original Descent was beyond value. He's been working his ass off non-stop ever since building THQ's most successful studio bar none.

Congratulations Mike - you've more than earned a little R&R!
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