Sony claims 70% PSN revenue boost during 2010

70m PSN accounts on 48m PS3s, claims console-maker

PlayStation Network revenues for Sony jumped 70 per cent last year, the PS3-maker has claimed, following a 60 per cent boost in traffic to its PlayStation Store.

SCEA digital distribution manager Pierre Gravereau revealed the numbers at a GDC talk (attended by Joystiq) last week, and also claimed that PSN now enjoys 70 million accounts.

This figure spans the 47.9 million PS3s and 66 million PSPs sold to date. Unlike Xbox Live (which has 30 million known accounts), full PSN access is free and some users have created multiple accounts.

Grarvereau went on the claim that some 80 per cent of the total PS3 install base is online in some form.

Susan Panico, head of PSN in the US, also revealed (in a talk attended by VentureBeat) that the online service now boasts 948 games, 4,000 pieces of add-on content and 31,000 movies and TV shows. The PSN video store apparently saw a 80 per cent revenue boost during 2010.

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Antony Carter Senior Programmer, Epic Games7 years ago
The 70millions users spans the 66million PSP's sold as well as the 47.9 million ps3's sold, don't put it all down to multiple accounts will ya.
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