Harmonix optimistic as Dance Central becomes biggest seller

Future Activision collaboration not ruled out

A new interview with Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos has revealed that the company's biggest seller is now Dance Central, not Rock Band - as the company readjusts to life back as an independent studio.

Speaking to website Destructoid, Rigopulos admitted that Harmonix's split from MTV Networks did not come as a surprise to him or his staff. In an upbeat interview, Rigopulos insisted that the company would continue to support Rock Band 3 and already had plans for the future development of the series.

"You know, the marketplace is clearly demanding something very new. It's clearly demanding a dramatic evolution of the Rock Band franchise, I think, and I think that's actually exciting for us," he said.

"There's a lot of creativity here at Harmonix being devoted to a reinvention and refactoring of the Rock Band franchise for the future, beyond Rock Band 3. So that's one big bucket worth touching on."

Rigopulos also hinted that the company had a number of new concepts and IPs under development, while revealing that that Kinect exclusive Dance Central was currently the developer's biggest seller.

"To date it has outperformed Rock Band 3 at retail. It's one of the top-selling titles for the Kinect, and the Kinect is one of the most successful products in the entire videogame industry right now. So we're thrilled with how Dance Central has performed out of the gate," said Rigopulos.

While he remained diplomatic about the cancellation of the Guitar Hero series, Rigopulos also refused to rule out the possibility of working with Activision again in the future.

Questioned on the subjected he answered: "You'd have to ask me again in a few years, depending on the way the world looks at that point. I mean, I will say the fact that we have been competitors with Activision in the band game genre in the past would not close our minds about the opportunity to work with them on the right project in the future."

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Kieren Bloomfield Software Engineer, EA Sports9 years ago
I can help but think that Rock Band 3 would have been more successful if we could get our hands on the peripherals. Mad Catz really let them down. There's plenty of Activision plastic knocking around...
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David Amirian Writer 9 years ago
well, considering they now have pretty much the whole "music-band-rhythm-game" genre in a lock to themselves with Rock Band, they might get more sales with a Rock Band 4 if it presents something new that reinvigorates the genre.
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